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Cloud Hosting Network

Cloud Hosting Network

Affordable Cloud Hosting offers an unsurpassed cloud hosting infrastructure, access to highly trained support staff employing a graduating scale of skill sets, and a pricing structure that truly sets the bar for cloud hosting and cloud computing.

Our multiple Network Operations Centers can monitor your cloud network connections and your cloud hosting systems each and every second of every day. All NOCs Tier 1 security systems with enhanced video surveillance and biometric access management to control access to all dedicated hosting environments. All visitors are logged and access requires sign-in and escort by Dedicated Online authorized personnel.

Award Winning Level(3)™ Infrastructure

Affordable Cloud Hosting uses Level(3)™ global network for its primary backbone. Level(3)™ has built a global communications network unlike any other. It's the most advanced communications platform in the world. It is the first network to be completely optimized for advanced IP (Internet Protocol) technology, & the first to be fully and continuously upgradeable - enabling Level(3)™ to continue to deploy new, superior technology as it is developed.

Superior Redundancy Platforms for all size networks

Our data center operates 2 diverse parallel networks. Our redundant Internet service consists of a cross connects from both networks. Only 1 Internet connection (Network #1) is active at any given time unless service is disrupted. The instance a disruption is detected automatically all traffic will be routed via the 2nd cross connect (Network #2). Which operates on a full size network identical to the #1 the 2nd network also features a completely separate power grid for added redundancy.

Rock-solid Reliability

We set the standard for cloud hosting services and provide our customers value by building long-term relationships with our clients and partners on the solid foundation of honest personalized customer service, 24/7 support desk, custom-tailored solutions, and excellence.

Leading-edge Capabilities & Smart Growth

Our unmatched technical expertise and years of experience reflect our authentic love for technology and now cloud hosting. We work hard to provide our clients the best hosting services possible. We genuinely care about building the most effective & efficient solution for our clients that best meets their unique technical needs of any size up to 10000+ cloud hosting servers.

Cloud Hosting Partnership Program

Although we focus exclusively on cloud hosting, we seek to augment the services we provide to our clients through active partnerships with technology service providers who specialize in services our clients need. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of our Partnership Program and join us.

Affordable Cloud Hosting Bandwidth Providers

Level3 CommunicationsLevel(3) operates one of the largest communications and Internet backbones in the world. It was founded in 1998 and has been focused on delivering premier services over one of the world's most advanced, IP-optimized networks. Level(3) owns and maintains over 39,500 intercity route miles, and makes more than 77,000 intercity route miles available to its customers.

SavvisSavvis operates an integrated global IP and transport network that delivers IP VPN, Voice Services, and Internet solutions for enterprises and carriers alike. The Savvis IP network spans 105 cities in 47 countries, encompassing the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Savvis' solutions are based on virtualization technology. Savvis uses network-based routing, security and quality services, delivered on an as-needed utility basis, and are supported by an automated service model that further reduces costs and enhances the customer experience.

Global CrossingGlobal Crossing is a telecommunications company that provides network services to more than 700 carriers, mobile operators and ISPs worldwide.

CogentCogent's end-to-end optical network consists of multiple metropolitan IP-over-WDM fiber rings located in Cogent's major markets throughout the United States and Europe. Cogent currently has a presence in over 110 markets throughout North America and Europe.

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