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About Affordable Cloud Hosting

Affordable Cloud Hosting is a industry recognized leader in providing managed cloud hosting & cloud hosting solutions for small, medium & large companies. We began operations in 1993 as a telecommunications provider, and moved into Tier 1 data center services including colo, bandwidth, dedicated servers, dedicated virtual servers (VPS) and managed services.

Through our years of interacting with web site owners and their IT staff, and truly understanding their needs as if they were our own, we decided to launch Affordable Cloud Hosting to better serve the undeniable growing need for cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting - Data Centers

Affordable Cloud Hosting's Data Centers are the ideal facilities for companies that require the best equipment, diverse network, multiple ip ranges, high speed, burstable bandwidth, ultra-modern, highly-secure facilities that are monitored and staffed by highly trained tecnisians on a 24x7 basis.

Our data center in Dearborn, MI has the network you require for your demanding cloud hosting needs. These around-the-clock facilities are protected by state-of-the-art fire suppression and hardened HVAC systems, include multiple sources of power inside and outside the building, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), backup generators, fully redundant power distribution units, and multiple tier 1 bandwidth providers.

Affordable Cloud Hosting is able to offer your Company a full line of managed cloud hosting services. Whether you need help managing your IT infrastructure or applications or need to deploy additional servers to keep up with demand - Affordable Cloud Hosting allows your Company to quickly scale its cloud hosting server infrastructure without the delays traditionally associated with procuring and installing additional servers and equipment.

Our cloud hosting packages are not offered or duplicated by any other cloud hosting company today. Our staff at Affordable Cloud Hosting has worked long and hard to aquire the skill set and the actual cloud hosting infrastructure needed to offer cloud hosting packages like we do here at Affordable Cloud Hosting.

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